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Starved for human touch: Having kinky sex tops the list of things we want to do after lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken away some of life’s simplest pleasures – including the delights on offer from Oriental Escorts in London – so at the moment all we can do is dream of freedom.

Over a month into lockdown, it’s still hard to know when life will return to normal, but the downtime has given people a chance to reflect on the sort of connections they want to make going forward.

Kinky sex is high on the list for many, especially those who aren’t currently isolating with a partner.

And even if you’re in lockdown with your other half, you might be dreaming of spicing up your sex life once the lockdown is over – and they could include fantasising about Oriental Escorts in London.

New research by the online marketplace OnBuy has found that almost half of couples isolating together report that they are having less sex since lockdown began.

And it’s not just the frequency of the sex that’s a problem, it’s also the quality. Almost half of couples are unhappy with their sex life. It’s no surprise that we

People want more adventure once lockdown is over and try more kinks and explore fetishes.

Oriental Escorts in London Post Lockdown

Of course, the touch we’re missing is not only sexual. We also need the soothing kind – a hug, a stroke of the arm, a friendly hand squeeze, a lover’s kiss. Those who are suffering the most right now are those who were already affection-deprived, but spare a thought for those men and women who are regular customers of Oriental Escorts in London – they are missing something they have grown accustomed to and have benefitted from, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Countless studies prove the necessity of touch, both of which, by releasing oxytocin, boost the immune system and lower the heart rate.

When we’re deprived of something we need, our bodies signal us. When we can’t address those signals and meet those needs, we might fantasise. Imagining touch when we don’t have it is like imagining water when we’re thirsty.

There are no substitutes for the human touch. Just like there are no substitutes for the company of an attentive Oriental Escort in London. If we don’t feel rewarded, we don’t release serotonin. Without serotonin, we feel unhappy, even depressed.

Social distancing has put a stop to seeing an escort or getting a massage, but once we get our freedom back, people’s attitude to life will change – most are planning to live life more fully.

Even as it has found itself fairly insulated from the consequences of the nationwide lockdown, escorts in London will eventually see an explosion of demand for services.

And we are certainly willing and ready to help people enjoy the human touch again.

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