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Why online hook-ups and video sex will never replace the real thing.

When lockdowns lift, the old ways will return, as people crave the human touch. Asian escorts in London expect to in high demand.

A quarter of the world has been in coronavirus lockdown, with many people facing more ‘alone time’ than ever, some turning to online hookup sites and dating apps, but the majority just counting the days until life returns to something like normal (and yes we believe it will!).

Of course, there are those who have benefitted, thrived even during the lockdown. The ‘sextech’ industry — made up of sex toys, apps, and services — for example, has been boosted by those with idle hands and minds, and adult websites like Pornhub have seen a huge spike in traffic.

There is no doubt that self-isolation can be a great opportunity to reconnect and explore our bodies, but social distancing can also be quite challenging for our health, especially when it comes to our natural human need for touch.

This, coupled with a pre-existing combination of general unhappiness and security issues with the adult dating app experience, are persuading more people to move offline in search of sexual encounters.

A new study, published last year in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, finds adult dating apps, in particular swipe-based apps, have brought with them a new layer of anxiety, prompting an increasing number of users to report malaise.

According to research by trend reporting agency Fullscreen, 61 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds would rather remain single than rely on dating apps.

Reformed dating app users cited damage to self-esteem and loneliness as the reasons for putting them off the platforms. Instead 76 percent of them would rather meet someone organically, inspired by the ‘meet-cute’ film trope in which two romantically linked characters meet for the first time.

But for a generation of people who have only ever known dating with the help of the internet – from a teenage declaration of love over MSN Messenger to the Instagram DM slide – finding ‘the one’ without the ease of swiping through a buffet of prospective new partners can be daunting.

Asian Escorts in London – Research.

Our Asian Escorts in London research team spoke to single millennials who have recently deleted their dating apps about all the things that come with dating offline. Mainly fear, singles events, and face-to-face rejection.

Meeting someone in real life eliminates the uncertainty around whether you’ll actually fancy them or whether you’ll have any chemistry when you do finally meet. People are less likely to mess you around when you meet in real life, they either fancy you or they don’t. You’re more likely to get a direct yes, or you can tell it’s a ‘no’ from the vibe.

When it comes to rejection,  we think it still hurts whether it’s the outcome of messaging someone or them doing it to your face when you approach them. You might be able to delete the message but you can’t delete the shame.

Certainly, before the pandemic, online daters complained about the fickleness of their dates. Many failed to initiate conversations with those they were matched with; if they did, the other party soon disappeared COVID-19 has rendered users less flighty. Between late February and late March, the average length of a conversation on Tinder, one of the most popular apps, surged by 25 per cent.

People are taking the time to get to know each other more, and the pandemic has also made people more willing to show their faces. WhatsApp and Zoom video dates have become routine in the age of COVID-19.

These shifts reveal a desire for companionship, and the virtual date may outlast the pandemic, although where lockdowns lift, the old ways are returning because there is something missing from an intimacy standpoint that people are unwilling to live without -the human touch.

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